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Hi, I'm Megan!

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How do I order? Why cork? Things I need to know!

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Most of the year my stock is sold in person at markets. When I do have items available between markets, find them here!

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Love my handmade goodies! Everything is done so nicely and professionally. Also feels good supporting a small little family!

Ash G

Almost wore it to bed I loved it so much

Tayy E

I ordered a wristlet from Megan. I absolutely love it. Excellent craftsmanship, reasonable price, and timely delivery. I definitely recommend Megan to anyone looking for something custom or personal.

Carrie S

Thank you Megan! All the masks I've ordered are perfect! Wonderfully made and cute. Highly recommend!! Fast and so easy to work with!

Susie G

I requested a custom order from Megan, and she was super easy to work with and helped me to design a purse that I would love! I spent a bit more money than I would usually spend on a purse at the store, but the uniqueness of the pattern and supporting a small local business was worth the price. Not to mention being able to customize every aspect!

Stefania M

Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful designs, reasonable pricing, all created with mother/daughter love!

Gary O

I bought a beautiful (cork) cross body purse at the Mount Horeb Art Fair last weekend. All of my friends love it and want to buy one too!

Sally W