Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

  • The majority of my items will be found at local markets & art fairs in Wisconsin. Custom orders are accepted on a limited basis, in order to allow me to keep my creative process afloat & always deliver the highest quality goods. Keep an eye out on my website & socials for announcements and upcoming events/ordering opportunities!

Why Cork? 

Cork is an eco-friendly alternative to leather that comes from the bark of cork trees. The cork bark is carefully peeled without harming the tree, and the same tree can be re-harvested every 9 years. Some cork forests are 2000 years old!

✔ Naturally sourced

✔ Sustainable

✔ Renewable

✔ PETA certified & vegan friendly

✔ Water-resistant

✔ Antibacterial & antimildew 

✔ Cork leather is as strong & soft as its animal counterpart

Read below for more information on cork fabric, provided by Fabric Funhouse. 
"Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak tree, which grows primarily in the West Mediterranean Basin. The cork used in our cork fabric comes from sustainable forests with strict harvesting regulations that are in place to protect the valuable resource and regulate the quality. When the Cork Oak has reached 20 years of age, the bark is stripped from the tree by the hands of a highly skilled harvester. That tree is then marked so that it will not be harvested for another 8-10 years. 

The Cork Oak is the only tree that benefits from the removal of its bark and, since it regenerates, it is truly an eco-conscious and sustainable natural resource. In fact, the same tree can be harvested every 8-10 years for over 200 years! Once harvested, the tree absorbs about 5 times the CO2, making harvesting an important process in reducing greenhouse gases.

Once the cork is harvested from the Cork Oak it is boiled, dried, shaved into thin sheets and sealed with a non-toxic sealant. Once the cork fabric is complete, it is stain-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-proof, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, lightweight, incredibly soft, and flame retardant."